The History Of Portwire


o-founders James and Martin met in college and bonded over a mutual love of pub quizzes. Portwire was founded in 2019 with the pair looking to build upon and develop a healthy portfolio of freelance media work and web design. Both James and Martin currently reside in Southport.

Portwire specialise in upgrading and developing media solutions for small to medium businesses. From web development to marketing, Portwire has a solution for your business.

The Dynamic Duo

JayCo-founder / Web Designer
Jay oversees all website construction for Portwire. Building websites since he was 14 years old, Jay gets to be listed first on the team because he’s making the page.
MartinCo-founder / PR Expert
Martin is Portwire’s PR and Marketing guru. With over a decade’s experience, Martin has been a journalist and managed prominent marketing and social media campaigns.